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festive renovation home decor studio SKM accent walls

Fast approaching festivities with a huge flow of guests in and out of homes are the perfect reasons to get your home in sync with the joyous spirit. Here are some short and cost effective ways for a quick home makeover.


Remove clutter: Extra pieces of furniture/ décor & paintings to be moved out of sight. The idea is to keep the room seem less busy. Here’s a 7 tip guide to the perfect declutter.

festive renovation home decor studio SKM
De-cluttering can make a huge difference. ( image courtesy: )

Add an accent: An accent piece, be it a small artwork, an urn, a console table or just an indoor plant. Any one of these can add a lot to visual delight.


Height matters: Wall hangings/ paintings however attractive they may be, can lose its charm if not hung in the right place at the right height. A quick guide is to make sure that the center of the painting is at eye level of an average person.


Rug tactics: Rug placements have a lot to do with the size. If the size is small, use it as an accent in corner activity areas and get yourself a rug with the right size to go in the main seating area.


Wall of a difference: Too many plain walls? Just accent a wall with a bright pleasant paint finish or an easy to install patterned wall paper.

festive renovation home decor studio SKM accent walls
Rugs & accent walls are pleasing to the eye and easy on the pocket (image courtesy: Pinterest)


Cushions: No better way to add a touch of colour and life to a home than with cushions. Go bold and bright with them.


festive renovation home decor studio SKM cushions
Go bold & bright with cushions  ( image courtesy: )


Here’s an approximate price guide:

  • Accent piece: Artwork to console. Mid-range prices start at AED 100 – AED 1500 (depending on the item) from Homes R Us / Home Centre
  • Rug: Mid-range prices start at AED 500 – AED 1000 at Dragon Mart / Ikea.
  • Wallpaper: DIY Wall paper around 150 sq.ft which is 3 rolls of 50 sq. ft each will come to a total of AED 500 (mid-range) at Dragon Mart.
  • Cushions: AED 200 – 300 from Home Centre.

The above totals down to an approximate budget of AED 3000 to get your home festive ready this season.

Have fun decorating 🙂  !


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