Art in India

Famous across the Indian subcontinent, art in India is displayed across in various forms mainly in sculptures, pottery, paintings and textiles. From the ancient Indus Valley civilization to today’s contemporary forms, Indian art has traveled many centuries in world history.


Art in India
Image Courtesy : ArtnIndia


Art in India
Image Courtesy : Unravel India


Today, architecture, interior and fashion industry has seen a consistent rise in fusion design trends. Ethnic elements from all over the world are being incorporated into designs as an accent, to break the monotony and lines of contemporary style. Indian art (textiles, paintings and sculptures) is one such element that is being artistically welcomed into the creative industry.


Art in India
Image Courtesy: Jaipur Art Factory



With demand on the rise, many online sites have established themselves to promote Indian art and provide easy access to authentic pieces & prints of famous artists. For our readers who may be interested, here are a couple of sites that could open up the Indian in you.


Fashion, Lifestyle & Decor –

Indian Fine Art Paintings –

Clothing & Home Décor –

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